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I decided not to be a dick so I'm putting the random fandom stuff (Tron, HP, BtVS, Thor, etc) over here. So the Sherlockian recs journal ([personal profile] thecardboardbox) is now all Sherlock Holmes-related, the Star Trek journal ([personal profile] redshirtinhell) is actually all Star Trek, and the Supernatural journal ([personal profile] callacalyx) is all SPN and J2. Add or remove amongst them at will. Whatever works for you. No questions asked.

So far I have recs for addams family, the alien franchise, angel (the series), babylon 5, battlestar galactica 2003, blade, boondock saints, boston legal, breakfast club, btvs, chandler's marlowe series, roger zelazny's chronicles of amber, the chronicles of riddick, c.s. friedman's coldfire trilogy, the diamond age, firefly, friday night lights, fringe, gilmore girls, harry potter, inglourious basterds, jeeves and wooster, kiss kiss bang bang, live free or die hard, ocean's 11, neil gaiman's sandman comics, scrubs, stargate sg-1, stargate atlantis, smallville, split second, ten inch hero, the walking dead, thor (movie), torchwood, the tron franchise, and terminator: the sarah connor chronicles.
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